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Medical Billing FAQ'S

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Medical Billing FAQ'S

Well, the time required to launch a complete setup varies based on project size and scope. However, it’s very simple, quick, and straightforward to initiate your data setup through MDSol billing.

Usually, systems charge for the startup as well. But MDSol billing offers free startup for revenue management and other medical billing services.

All you need is to do a high-quality registry verification. By submitting your information into MDSol billing, you will be able to use and set up your system for managing revenues remotely.

Yes, we have designed this system to eliminate paperwork. Now, there is no need to store a bundle of files. Because all the documentation and images will be scanned electronically to store in an easy-to-use interface.

In electronics, we are making use of the format ANSI X12-5010 to store and access documents electronically. While our experts use the HCFA-1500 Form for paper formatting.

Well, there are such limitations because we tend to have an excellent management policy. According to our policy, we only offer 5 free users per payment. If you want to extend your users, you will have to pay $100 monthly.

Yes, we offer all the billing, credentialing, and management services by offering unique coding. Our experts are capable of coding with greater potential to process different services.

There is no need for any software because we have equipped our system with a turnaround electronic system. In the case of software, there are some possibilities of incomplete data assessment when you have a poor internet connection or anomaly.

Yes, you can work at your convenience for both short and long-term contracts. However, there will be amendments every year based on requirements.

MDSol billings has various certifications to ensure quality, privacy, and accuracy. Having a HIPPA compliant system ensures that it is end-to-end encrypted and not allowed to be authorized by third parties. Moreover, ISO 9001:2000 certification ensures the quality operation with information security. Besides this, our experts verify all the credentials from National and International systems and conferences.

Yes, you will be pleased to know that MDSol billing offers consultation and additional support by preparing ICD-10. Through it, we will enrich the coding standards of your system to make it unique and quick-responsive.

MDSol billing aims for the provision of medical billing services, medical credentialing, and others. We incorporate patient bills by connecting with different agencies for collection. Moreover, this process is highly optimized to practice management of returns and revenue with high standard outcomes. In short, MDSol billing is an award-winning service provider of quality management of medical billing and patient portal.

Because MDSol provide easily accessible, adaptable, and affordable solutions for revenue management of your healthcare industry. Our experts render users an opportunity to access PMS/EHR of their own choice. Using this adaptable, innovative, and extraordinary cloud, all-in-one billing management solutions are tailored to more than 30 specialties.

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