Guide to Front End Management Services in Medical Billing

front end management services

Just like other businesses, healthcare organizations also need front-end services for managing patient meetups with practitioners. All healthcare revenue cycles are linked with clinical and administrative functions. Such administration also helps in capturing, managing, and collecting patient revenue services.


According to HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association), the healthcare revenue cycle works on the front-end and back-end. The role of front-end services in medical billing is to schedule appointments and payment collection smoothly. Moreover, you can easily verify insurance to claim the amount from the insurance company by front-end management.


This guide will discuss front-end services and their key role in making the billing and healthcare transaction process smooth and efficient.

What are Front End Management Services?


front end management services


Front-end services are the top face practicing services of any institution. When it comes to medical care centers and hospitals, you need to provide services to visitors and patients to manage different encounters. You can register your patient, schedule his meeting, verify his insurance, and collect payment by front-end healthcare services.

Key Functions of Front End Management Services

Here are the key functions your front-end services will perform to make your healthcare practices advance, efficient, and fair.

1- Scheduling Appointments

The very first role of professional medical management group is appointment scheduling. After entering all the information of a patient, registration takes place. If your patient has to visit again and again in the future, registered information of your patient can be used in the future. It depicts that you don’t have any need to register your patient information on every visit.

Once your patient registration takes place in your healthcare organization, you can easily schedule appointments according to the physician’s availability. Such appointment scheduling can occur both through calls and via visiting the medical center. Besides this, front-end management is also responsible for tracking all the meetings.

It’s up to you whether you provide on-call scheduling communication or in the form of text. Some front-end managers also give an alert to remind practitioners and patients about the meeting scheduled months ago. Furthermore, your front-end services will ensure that your patient will visit you at a decided time or not.

2- Verification of Insurance

As patients want to pay their medical bills from insurance, you should be vigilant enough to check insurance. It’s a preventive measure to keep your claim away from denials. Having a quick front-end desk ensures the insurance of the patient by noting its insurance number. All the patient information and insurance records are stored on the desktop.

After entering all the information of the insurance payer, you have to prepare a claim. Mention complete details about the payment, patient’s disease, treatment, and the name of the healthcare service provider. Ensure that your payment process will take place smoothly without creating bottlenecks in the payment collection.

3- Patient Follow-ups

The front healthcare office also plays an important role in checking eligibility and verification of revenue. You should use EHR and practice managing services for recording patient’s complete data, including insurance information and demographics. Moreover, your front-office management will play a key role in the clearance of claims without any denial.

Almost 79 percent of patient healthcare services are compliant by verifying insurance. If you ever face a payment denial, your front-end service helps resolve the claim objection with more precise information. In case of need, you can also provide coding details to the insurance company to get your entire amount.

4- Upfront Payment Collection

Another key role your front-end healthcare services perform is smooth payment collection through the revenue cycle. It will be hectic for you to process and submit a claim for payment. That’s why you need a front desk service that can take care of your payments by removing all claim denial objections.

Sometimes, insurance companies only pay a part of your claim payment. In this situation, your front-end officers provide complete payment details. Moreover, it makes your healthcare payment collection smooth. Feel free to collect your payments in the form of checks, pay-off balance, or through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Concluding Remarks


front end management services

Front end management services are very effective in making your complex healthcare revenue cycle quick, efficient, and spontaneous. Whether you want to opt for this service for yourself or a hospital, it works amazingly for all physicians, sole practitioners, and hospitals. Whenever you need front end management services for your healthcare revenue, visit MD sol billing. Make your healthcare revenue cycle free from any bottleneck by using MDSol front end management services.

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