Revenue Cycle Management

One centralized solution that provides transparency to healthcare systems to generate more revenue.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a process of regulating all financial transactions smoothly. As every healthcare center needs an efficient medical billing system, we provide complete transaction encounter services between patient and physician. Our transaction services are limitless, ranging from payment collection, billing, contracts, enrollments, data analytics, codings, and compliance. Our RCM system is related to smooth transactions and is affiliated with submitting claims to insurance companies for cash retrieval.

Due to advancements in technology, physicians, practitioners, and hospitals prefer to have an easy-to-use financial billing system. Keeping in view the current scenarios, we started an initiative of error-free revenue management service. Our system is easily accessible and end-to-end encrypted. Through unique coding, we keep information of every patient separately for future use. No matter whether you are looking for scheduling patient appointments, maintaining records, ensuring smooth transactions, our revenue cycle management is superb to keep your billing system quick and efficient.

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Best Practises to improve Medical Billing using RCM

Here are a few of the best practices to improve medical billing practice using revenue cycle management:
Prevent enrollment issues

Lapsed credentials or failing to enroll new providers on time means delayed payments, lost revenue, out-of-network services, and more. Consider credentialing and enrollment part of your practice to improve your RCM.

Mitigate and Manage Denials

Insurance claims denials are the common reason that practices don’t have healthy RCM. It also includes a coding error, lack of information, eligibility, and duplicate claims. Mitigating and managing denials are important for increased RCM.

Manage account Receivables

Always be aware of the account receivables as it is a good indication of your practice's ability to collect timely payments. Always analyze your rejected claims and contract compliance weekly. Look for the trends that can be avoided in the future for more revenue.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose MDSol Billing for Handling your practice RCM?

MDSol Billing has always been very vigilant in checking reimbursement, insurance claims, and collection processes. We cover every aspect of medical financial assistance, such as codings, patient collections, billing transactions, claim submissions, and registration. We offer immediate registration services to create medical records for every patient and cater pre-registration to collect and check insurance coverage even before a patient’s arrival.

Having our medical billing system also ensures the payment remittance after its collection. Integrate your hospital with both direct payment collection mode and third-party insurers mode. If you’re facing difficulty in collecting full payment, feel free to contact us. We are experts in collecting full payment of healthcare facilities provided to insurance holders via insurance companies by providing them proper details. Enhance reliability, accuracy, security, and efficiency of your medical billing with our healthcare revenue cycle.

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