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Both public and private health insurers have taken steps to increase telehealth services due to the spread of COVID-19. In that case, you need Telehealth billing services and we are here to help you!

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Telehealth billing service is an essential practice to empower health care centers with better facilities. Due to the prevailing pandemic of COVID-19, people prefer to have telehealth services in the form of virtual appointments. To promote modern healthcare services, there is a need to access all the healthcare processes including billings remotely by using computers and other advanced technology.

Through MDSol billing, we are offering telehealth services to take care of patients remotely. Not only can you access your patients’ health records but also handle smooth billing proceedings remotely. Our team is very skillful in managing all the processes of the healthcare industry efficiently. Raise the standard of your healthcare services by using our reliable telehealth system. To read the latest stories about medical billing services, you can join us on Quora.

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Telehealth Billing Services

What We Offer in Telehealth Billing Services?

Here are some telehealth billing services that we offer to physicians and sole practitioners:
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Encounter Billing Codes

Our experts have developed special bullying codes to keep everything updated on record with distinction. It will be very easy to monitor, verify, and track telehealth communication with patients by our unique codes.

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Billing Charge Entry

We are providing a platform to manage remote communication of patients with their physician or practitioner. The information about collection depends upon the communication level provided by telehealth services.

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HIPAA Compliant Security

Using HIPAA-compliant protection will keep your data secure from data breaching and hacking. Our billing telehealth services are certified by HIPAA protocols to keep all your clinical data and records secure.

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Collection Reports and Statements

MDSol billing provides its users a monthly, weekly, and annual report in the form of a collection statement. This report clearly envisages how our telehealth services helped you in receiving payments. Take a good decision for your healthcare services now and switch to our telehealth system as well.

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Claim Submission

We also provide an opportunity for data reimbursement in our telehealth services. Through such reimbursement, you can claim your amount and other problems within two days of processing. Make your data transparency and clarity visible with MDSol billing telehealth service.

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Turnaround Services

Our team ensures the provision of its telehealth billing services 24/7 to keep the remote collection and transaction management easy and fair. Adopt our reliable, durable, and transparent billing management system to facilitate your patients with remote healthcare services.

Telehealth Billing
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Bring Excellence in Your Billings with Telehealth Billing Service

Do you want to provide remote healthcare services to your patients? Well! There are many ways to provide telehealth service with end-to-end encrypted billing management. By outsourcing the experts of MDSol billing, you can keep yourself focused on the health communication with your patient rather than thinking about the transaction system. Boost the standard of your telehealth billing management with our services.

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Allowing MDSol Billing to help with your telehealth billing services, doesn’t mean that you will be out of the loop. Our team of financial experts offers the best and complete telehealth billing solutions to take care of your business needs. In this way, you will be able to take care of your patients. Besides that, we offer best practice revenue while tracking your billing process and collections. Our team not only provides its coverage facilities on weekdays but also on holidays and weekends. Feel free to contact us for any kind of assistance in maintaining and managing the medical center credentials.

“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver”

– Mahatma Gandhi

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